The WidowMakers are a group of gamers some whom have been associated with one another for 18 years and draws its linage from the Mechwarrior game franchise.  As avid space sim fans Clan WidowMaker is launching its Star Citizen unit whose christening pays homage to the 55th Strikers from on of its Clusters in its Mechwarrior unit.

Join us as we embark in a new direction in a game which for many of us hearkens back to the glory era of PC gaming with a franchise that evokes the imagery and imagination of the space sim and MMO we have long been waiting for!

The 55th is made up of members of all walks of life, from ex-military, the everyday Joe, business execs and students ranging in age from 18-55.  One thing however binds us together, the love of a good storyline, the joy of friendships made and the love of the game.

See our unit on Roberts Space Industries (RSI) Organization system. 
WidowMakers - Squadron: 55th Pursuit "The WildCards"